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Flynn Quilt Frame Company

Home of the Flynn Multi-Frame System

About Kate Flynn Nichols

Kate has been the warm recipient of many of John and Brooke’s early quilts, such as “Kate’s Little Quilt”, “Kate’s Big Quilt”, and “Kate’s No You Can’t Touch It Quilt”. With an art degree, she keeps the lasers humming and the cats purring. Kate can draft a queen size quilt with a single bound.  Kate is in her sixth year of teaching nationally; she has helped in John's classes for many years and is now teaching solo.  If your guild is interested, contact her at

Kate is available for 2021 with dates available beginning June 1, 2021

Kevin Nichols, with his calm manner, can-do attitude and formidable artistic abilities, is our Graphics Guy and trusty over-the-road driver. Well, just part-time; he has a REAL job.

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