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Flynn Quilt Frame Company

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These are 6 hour classes. Maximum class size is 20 students. Minimum class size is 10. Pre-cut kits are available for some classes. Contact Brooke Flynn at 800 745 3596 for scheduling or with questions.


 RED HAWK – All levels. Another John Flynn original design, this variation of the New York Beauty has simplified corners and strip pieced points. Learning how to strip piece points really adds to a student’s design repertoire. This project can be done in earth tones for a Native American look or in pastels for the feel of the 1930s.

 GLORIFIED NINE PATCH – All levels. An old favorite also called Improved Nine Patch. Learn piecing and pressing tricks as well as practice with curved seams. This is a fun project to put together with its optical illusions. Pre-cut kit available.

 INDIAN STAR QUILT – All levels. An easy and rewarding project, this quilt is inspired by the quilting traditions of the Northern Plains Indians. Along with piecing and pressing tips, learn how the Sioux quilters mark and quilt and the role Star Quilts play in Sioux culture.

ARABIC LATTICE – All levels. This is an unusual yet easy block, which works up nicely in plaids, scraps or bright colors. John teaches a quick way to string piece partial seams. The block is rotary cut with a template and students have the option of the tessellated set or an “offset” set. As seen on HGTV’s “Simply Quilts”. Pre-cut kit available. Also available as a 3 hour class.

DOUBLE WEDDING RING – All levels. John’s most popular and most requested class. Students learn to rotary cut and strip piece this old time favorite quilt. This is the fastest and easiest method for the Double Wedding Ring; just ask one of the thousands of students who have learned this technique. As seen on HGTV’s “Simply Quilts,” See John Flynn’s Step-by-Step Double Wedding Ring Workbook. Pre-cut Kit available.

WHEEL OF MYSTERY – All levels. Also called Winding Ways, this traditional block offers many design possibilities. With curved seams, it looks hard to piece but not with John’s accurate rotary cutting templates and his bag of tricks! Pre-cut Kit available

The following is a 3-hour class.
DRESDEN PLATE – All levels. A great basic machine piecing and appliqué class. Students learn John’s trick for making round and pointed self-faced Dresden Plate “petals”. Students also learn how to machine appliqué the finished Plate with a blanket stitch for a charming 1930’s look Pre-cut Kit available


SUPERNOVA – Intermediate - An original variation of the Wheel of Mystery, this is an exciting project to work on and to admire later. The block is a diamond and has some curved seams so students can improve their curved piecing skills. Pre-cut kit available

CARNIVAL – Intermediate - Inspired by an unusual tile floor, this original design is exuberant and exciting in scraps and vivid colors. Easy curved piecing with accurate acrylic templates or buy a pre-cut kit in class. Pre-cut kit available

PINE BURR – Intermediate - A four block wall hanging reminiscent of the 1860s, charming in Civil War reproductions or in Christmas colors. Pine Burr triangles are edged with “feathers” cut with John’s “engineered corners” for easier piecing. Pre-cut kit available

STORM AT SEA – Intermediate - Those straight line seams end up looking curved – it is an optical illusion which has fascinated quilters for a long time! Traditionally done in shades of blue, John has updated the look in different colorways and in scraps. Pre-cut Kit available

FEATHERED SUN – Intermediate - This is a spectacular quilt, which looks harder than it really is, try it! Students work on a 30” circular wall hanging of rings of triangles using strip piecing and templates. See John Flynn’s Step-By-Step Feathered Sun Workbook.

PICKLE DISH – Intermediate - The triangle arcs of the Pickle Dish (Indian Wedding Ring) can be strip pieced. This speeds up the piecing, increases accuracy and decreases your stress! Another old favorite, which can be made more quickly using John’s technique.

SPIRALS – Intermediate - John Flynn designed this exciting block, which uses rotary cutting templates. It looks like a Snail’s Trail until you look closely; it curls out from a hexagon! With lots of pieces; accurate cutting and sewing are a must. Pre-cut Kit available

TRIANGLE SPIRALS – Intermediate - A variation which curls out from a triangle. Graphic and dramatic! Pre-cut Kit available

WHEEL OF FORTUNE – Intermediate - A Depression era pattern updated with strip piecing, circular rings of triangles, rotary templates and appliqué. This is an unusual circular block which John pieces into a square and sets with sashes. Techniques include curved piecing, pair piecing of points and easy circular appliqué.

The following lecture is 45-60 minutes. John brings a selection of quilts to show afterwards.
In his most popular lecture, John tells the story of how he became a quilter, shows slides of his quilts and techniques and has “show and tell” with the quilts he brings to share. People tell him the lecture is pretty funny. Bring your “Significant Other”, he or she will be entertained!