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Flynn Quilt Frame Company

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Custom Kits

This is a really simple idea. Tell Kate what pattern you want to make and what size. She will tell you how much fabric to send. When it arrives, she cuts it on the laser, boxes it up and sends the pre-cut pieces and any left over fabric back to you.

"Sampler kits" and "Block of the Month" kits by approval only.

Or send a kit with pattern you bought years ago and still want to do. Or let Kate choose fabric for you.


Shop owners and teachers, we invite your inquiries! 800 745 3596

Easy, fast and so very, very accurate!

Kate's customers say:
  • Kate's custom pre-cut kits are terrific. I've done three of them now. But, her special customer care is what really stands out. She handles orders very promptly, accurately and somehow her smile seems to also come through with the kits every time. Jon
  • You do great work all of you. I hate to order a kit anywhere else because I like pre-cut. You do a terrific job with that. I will be in touch, I'm sure. Much success in the future, Jan
  • Who's happier than I am??? Great job and we will certainly be doing business again in the future. I could not be more satisfied. Thank you Kate it's been a pleasure doing business.
  • As an aside---I have been contemplating purchasing a die cut machine but have definitely scrapped that idea. Who needs a die cut machine when they have Kate??
  • Seriously, I truly am pleased. Judy
Please print out the guidelines and read and complete the form. Send it along with your fabric after you and Kate have all the details worked out.