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Flynn Multi-Frame

COMPLETE! - The Multi-Frame comes complete and ready for your practice project. The price includes 3-48" fiberglass rods, with the carpet tape already applied, the 2 frame ends and all the hardware, side tension ribbons and 3 muslin starter strips, and instructional manual and 2 lengths of PVC to balance your frame.

The standard Multi-Frame comes complete with 48" fiberglass rods and is ready for quilts up to 45" in width - an ideal size for wall hangings and to learn with. You can easily modify this frame to accept any quilt width by making new rods - simply purchase 3 pieces of metal conduit (EMT) the desired length at your local lumber yard and move the round nylon rod ends from the original 48" rods to the new rods using a Phillips screwdriver.

We can ship the Multi-Frame to Canada, to Alaska and to Hawaii.  European and Australian and New Zealand quilters, please order the Kit and get the conduit for your rods locally.


4"x4"x48"        9 lbs.

Please note we no longer include our mini DVD. You can watch the whole video on YouTube.CLICK HERE TO WATCH