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Flynn Quilt Frame Company

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John has an ongoing series of "Wheel of Mystery" variations. This quilt uses 12" blocks, 6" blocks and 4" blocks along with some custom blocks. This quilt is machine quilted in rows, like farmers plow their fields with big curved row ends where they turn their tractors around. The name was inspired by the very scary M. Night Shyamalan movie, "Signs". Where is your aluminum foil hat?

A second series is Hexagonal Spirals. This quilt is pieced out of Lunn Studios' "Pointillist Palette" fabric. It won first place in the "Traditional" category of the Pointillist Palette Challenge. It is machine quilted with black thread on the black Kona and shiny variegated rayon thread in the colors.

Tamara Borok started this Storm at Sea wallhanging in one of John's classes in Houston last fall. She finished (yea!) and her friend Kerstin Stauffer machine quilted it for her on her home sewing machine. Tamara used warm and cool colors to add extra movement to the design, very nice!